Veterans’ Plaza Courtyard

Radiating out to many of the buildings on the Museum site, the Veterans Plaza/Courtyard connects the spirit of those who served or are serving our nation–in times of war or peace– with the spirit of those who honor them today. Three brick areas in the Plaza/Courtyard provide opportunities for paying tribute to veterans and others. (Download the Brick … Continued

Titanic Exhibit

April 14, 1912 was a cold Sunday that marked the eve Oscar Scott Woody’s 41st birthday. But this year there would be no celebration. No cake. No party favors. His wife of 18 months was back in North Carolina while he was somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic sorting mail. Just a month earlier, … Continued

Sappony Heritage

At the Person County Museum of History, you’ll find maps, documents, drawings and photos that depict more than 400 years of Native American history. The tribe at the heart of this story is the Sappony. The first mention of the Sappony dates to 1607. Identified as the Monassukapanough by Captain John Smith, the Sappony originally … Continued

The Brooks Family Collection

The donation of the Brooks collection was largely due to Miss Dorothy Brooks on behalf of the Brooks family in memory of their mother and father, Reuben Phillip and Alma Hall Brooks.  Victorian Dining/Parlor Exhibit  You can almost hear the call to be seated for dinner.  A veritable Victorian fantasy, this room displays beautiful furniture, … Continued

African American Heritage

At the Person County Museum of History, it’s our job to find and catalog the stories of people in our community who have made a difference. That includes Judy Henry, G.L. Harper and Leonidas Barry. All three of these Person County natives, in their own way, helped provide the spark that ignited the Civil Right … Continued

Enos Slaughter

Enos Slaughter wasn’t a man who did what you expected. Born in Person County in 1916 he could’ve easily resigned himself to life working in a tobacco field. Instead, he turned his ambition and talents toward professional baseball. It was on this kind of field that he became legend. In 1938 Enos Slaughter joined the … Continued