Office of Drs. William & John Merritt

Originally built along 501 North in the Bethel Hill community, this building was a four room medical office established ca. 1860 by Dr. William Merritt (1824-1904). His son, J.H. Merritt (1881-1944) followed in his father’s profession, using the building for his own medical practice and adding two rooms in 1913.  Today, the one-story structure maintains much of its original form with weatherboards, six-over-six windows, two exterior five-panel doors,crimped tin roof (a copy of the original) pierced by small front dormer and central corbeled chimney stack, interior four-room arrangement with library and waiting room, consultation and exam room, private office and medicine room. Some windows and frames have been repaired, although most of the glass and wood is original to the building.  

Instruments, furniture and books were Dr. Merritt’s and have been cleaned and/or repaired by Museum volunteers. 

Visit the doctors’ office building on the Person County Museum of History site and learn more about the Drs. Merritt and how medicine was practiced here during these years.