R.P. Brooks General Store

Reuben Phillip Brooks’ general store, built in 1893 in Woodsdale, served as a central point in the everyday life of this rural community. Originally, the store sat beside the busy railroad in Woodsdale and Mr. Brooks served as the station master as well as the community’s postmaster and general merchant.

Other family members and people associated with the business served in these positions in later years. Robert Robertson rented and ran the general store for a few years in the 1950s. 

The building also served as a home for a Ca-Vel church during a short period. In 1977, the Brooks family moved the building from its site beside the railroad to a site beside the home place and began a period of restoration including heating and air conditioning and improvements to the upstairs access. They also began a display of family artifacts.

Today, visitors can see a wonderful display of family attire dating back to the Revolutionary period. Dress includes military uniforms up to the Vietnam era as well as bridal gowns and other special occasion wear like prom dresses. Visit the old post office, see a spectacular doll and doll accessory collection as well as an eclectic collection of memorabilia.