Roxboro Male Academy / Methodist Parsonage

In 1980,  this house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, built in 1842. The house at that time was not only being used as a residence, but also as the Roxboro Male Academy, a small unincorporated school.  

In 1854, the house was sold to nine Person County men who were trustees in trust for the Person Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, North Carolina Conference.  At that time, the Person Circuit consisted of county churches – Oak Grove, Lea’s Chapel, Concord and Edgar Long Memorial Methodist Church in Roxboro.  this house was purchased to function as the parsonage for the minister and his family who served those four churches.  It was used in this capacity until 1915. 

Today, there are many exhibits displayed at the Parsonage:  J.A. Long (Father of Modern Roxboro), Sappony Indian Exhibit, three rooms displaying African American History in Person County.